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June 16, 2023

Have You Lost Your Job Due To A TAC Injury Claim?

If you’ve been injured in a road accident and have to take time off work, you may find that your employer becomes less and less supportive as the time goes on. While the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) provides income support for road accident victims who need time off work, unlike WorkCover, employers are not legally required to assist their injured workers back to work on light duties under the TAC Act.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to remember that you do have rights under the TAC Act. For example, your TAC caseworker can provide you with rehabilitation services and retraining if necessary. They are also obligated to actively help you find replacement employment if you’re unable to return to your previous job.

It’s important to note that income support from the TAC does have a time limit. After three years, the support will be stopped, and you may be required to rely on payments, such as Centrelink benefits or income protection. This can be a difficult situation to navigate, which is why it’s crucial to have an experienced TAC lawyer who can help you understand your rights and entitlements.

A skilled TAC lawyer can also help you lodge a claim for lump sum compensation if you’re facing a prolonged absence from work due to serious injury. This compensation may be a substantial amount if your injury meets the required impairment tests or serious injury requirements. However, it’s important to remember that lodging a claim for lump sum compensation can be a complex and time-consuming process, which may not always be worth the emotional and physical toll.

If you’re facing termination from your job due to a TAC injury claim, remember that you do have legal options available to you. The lawyers at Stringer Ckarj can help you to understand your rights and entitlements under the law and to navigate the claims process.

With the right legal support, you can focus on your recovery without the added stress of financial uncertainty.