Published: 29 September 2016
Author: Stringer Clark TAC Law team

Authorities invited to community consultation on roads

The road between Portland and Hamilton is a danger to all drivers – local residents, truck drivers and visitors alike. Does someone have to die before the road surfaces are improved?

It's time the road authorities listened to the questions of local people

We wholeheartedly support Port Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cooper, on his recent efforts to improve the rapid deterioration of roads in the South-West as recently featured on the front page of the Portland Observer titled 'Potholed ring road has become Port of Portland’s top safety concern.'

We invite VicRoads to visit the South-West for community consultation and to hear the personal stories regarding ongoing problems with the roads.

Our roads won't improve until locals share a collective voice

The roads in the South-West are dangerous and local drivers between Portland and Hamilton are no longer prepared to put themselves and their passengers at risk.

The facts are that as people living in rural Victoria, we need to travel. On any given day, it is common for local people to travel 2-3 hours per day. While road authorities may consider our region a small population, the facts are road travel and road safety is required as part of our every day survival in the South-West.

The invitation has been made and time will tell if it is accepted. Standby...

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