Published: 23 May 2016
Author: Stringer Clark

Kangaroos top the car accident charts

If you've ever wondered how many car accidents are caused by, or involve kangaroos, have a look at this map.

The green dots mark the involvement of kangaroos in accidents across Victoria.

The map draws on statistics released by the RACV which show just how dangerous animals can be on our roads, especially in country Victoria.

According to RACV figures, last year more than 75,000 motorists lodged car damage claims, and about one in 14 of those involved an animal - that's almost 5,500 claims.

Kangaroos easily outnumber other animals, being involved in 8 out of every 10 accidents of this type - almost 4,500 claims - and well ahead of cats, dogs, koalas, cows, sheep and wombats.

And as weather conditions remain extremely dry in Central and Western Victoria, you should expect more kangaroos on our roads, particularly at dawn and dusk when they are most active.

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