Published: 06 April 2016
Author: Stringer Clark

New TAC statistics – cyclists AND drivers must take care

New statistics released by the TAC highlight the need for cyclists and motorists to take extra care on our roads, or increase the risk of being hospitalized by cycling injury.

The statistics revealed a rise of nearly 40% in a single decade of the number of cyclists taken to hospital in Victoria.

Over the decade ending in 2014, a staggering 3270 cyclists required hospital treatment paid for by the TAC.

The rate of hospitalization involving cyclists has climbed dramatically over that period of time, resulting in 386 cyclists having to be treated in hospital in the single of year of 2014.

Intersections a cycling hazard

Bike riders should be particularly careful when approaching intersections with 61 per cent of accidents involving cyclist occurring at intersections.

Educating motorists to respect bike riders is certainly required as it is estimated that in 79 per cent of crashes involving cars and bikes it is the motorist that is at fault.

Practical financial and medical help

If a cyclist is injured in an accident caused by the driving of a car, motorcycle, bus, train or tram they are covered by TAC.

This means they will be able to access compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings and in some cases a lump sum for permanent injuries.

If a cyclist is fatally injured their family may be entitled to counselling, funeral expenses, loss of income payments and lump sum compensation.

While thousands of cyclists on our roads every day, thankfully those injured are in the minority. But should they find themselves to be injured there is assistance available.

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