Published: 07 June 2016
Author: Stringer Clark

New Worksafe inspectors are welcome

Many times in my career I have met with an injured worker and have been astounded that a workplace could be failing so miserably with their OH&S.

My view is that, yes - accidents happen - but most can be avoided and certainly workers should go to work with an expectation that they will arrive home safely that evening. 

Victorian union delegates and organisers certainly assist in making sure union sites are safe for their members. The difference between non-union sites or sites with little membership and union sites is quite astounding.

Increasing the number of Worksafe inspectors can only help ensure that all worksites are made safer for employees. I was pleased therefore by the announcement by Worksafe that they have begun recruiting new inspectors who have just commenced a 14-week training course.

According to Worksafe: “The new recruits bring with them a range of experience from industries such as construction, transport and logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, major hazard facilities, chemical engineering and healthcare”.

The new intake shows that the Andrews Government is taking the health and safety of Victorian workers seriously.


WorkSafe Victoria: New inspector intake to bolster workplace front line

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