Published: 22 April 2016
Author: Stringer Clark

Rosie Batty’s family violence message hits home at Warrnambool luncheon

Family Violence campaigner Rosie Batty is not your typical domestic violence victim.

She’s a far cry from the low-class, low-income earning image that people often associate with family violence.

But, after years of emotional abuse and financial manipulation, her 11-year-old son Luke was killed by his father at cricket practice in 2014.

Rosie shared her powerful story at a luncheon I and other Stringer Clark staff attended in Warrnambool last week.

Her story serves as a reminder that domestic violence can happen to anyone at anytime. It also highlighted the gaps in the system which will hopefully be improved with the implementation of the Royal Commission’s into Family Violence’s recommendations.

Rosie spoke of her journey and struggle in receiving support during the years of abuse. The struggle largely associated with the abuse being of an emotional nature rather than physical. I have unfortunately seen this with some of my own clients. There needs to be more education and recognition around emotional and financial abuse.

Rosie spoke briefly about her role heading-up the newly founded Victims Survivors Advisory Counsel which is designed for survivors to voice their views on the way services respond to family violence.

She commented how amazing it was that the state government had committed half a billion dollars would be spent on family violence over the next two years, the first response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence report.

She praised the government for agreeing to implement all of the recommendations prior to the report being handed down.

Rosie also emphasised that while government initiative were hugely important it was everybody’s responsibility to become more insightful and informed about family violence.

In the lead-up to Rosie speaking we also heard from Warrnambool Mayor Kylie Gaston and local MP Roma Britnell who each praised the government for their support and commitment to implement every recommendation made by the Royal Commission.

The luncheon was hosted by the Commonwealth Bank in partnership with the Women in Focus team.


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