Published: 03 August 2017
Author: Stringer Clark

Lawyers help local GPs understand WorkCover

It was a great experience to present to several general practitioners in Colac last week to provide an overview of the WorkCover system, and explain in detail why medical reports are so important to us and our clients.

We received positive feedback and the attending doctors now have a greater understanding of our role and how we can work together to achieve better outcomes for the people we represent and treat.

Particular issues which were discussed in detail included:

  • the process of getting client’s returning to work and the role of occupation rehabilitation providers;
  • why subpoenas are issued and attending court to give evidence; and
  • the importance of certificates of capacity and their effect on weekly payments of compensation.

Concerns shared between doctors and lawyers

The doctors echoed our frustrations that the occupational rehabilitation providers do not seem to be offering genuine pathways to reemployment. Instead, we are all seeing providers frequently suggest a handful of generic employment options, often unsuitable for our clients and unavailable in our region.

Interestingly, we also heard first-hand how intimidating it can be for doctors to give evidence in court. We were able to offer some advice in dealing with vigorous cross examination from

barristers appearing on behalf of the Victorian WorkCover Authority.

It was heartwarming to see just how much local doctors care for the well being of their patients and it’s clear that a collaborative and professional approach between local lawyers and health care providers will create the best results for our shared clients.

Collaborative workshops welcome

We extend our gratitude to Otway Medical Clinic for hosting this event.

If you are a health care provider and believe yourself or your organisation would benefit from a WorkCover information session, we welcome the opportunity to extend this valuable interactive training to anyone in South West Victoria.

If you need to seek advice regarding WorkCover please seek advice from one of our qualified lawyers and call Stringer Clark on 1800 641 743 for a no obligation initial consultation.

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