Published: 29 June 2017
Author: Stringer Clark

TAC clients to have improved claims process using myTAC app

TAC going mobile 

The TAC has confirmed they will be rolling out a new App for clients. The client-focused myTAC app and web portal will improve a client’s ability to interact directly with the TAC from anywhere and at any time, and will make it easier for clients to self-manage parts of their own claim. For example, clients can use the myTAC app to send the TAC photos of their receipts for reimbursement as well as any supporting documents, such as medical certificates. Clients can also send short messages and enquiries to claims staff and receive a timely response as well as being able to update and change bank and contact details. 

With the new app it should be easy to trace that a reimbursement has been sought and whether or not it has been reimbursed. Gone will be the days of lost paperwork, phoning to check that the reimbursement claim has been received and chasing up reimbursement. This new system should result in much quicker reimbursement to the client and less of a burden in terms of the financial consequences of seeking medical treatment.

Good news for those treating TAC clients

Furthermore a new software program will be adopted by the TAC called LanternPay. TAC has said that LanternPay will transform the way Victoria’s healthcare providers transact with the TAC. Treating medical practitioners can create and submit a digital invoice and will know immediately if the payment is approved. Invoicing the TAC will become a seamless digital transaction instead of a time-intensive, paper-based process. 

The TAC’s Head of Rapid Recovery, Bruce Crossett, states: “With this new payment option, providers can have complete confidence they’ll be paid quickly and efficiently when they treat TAC clients.”

An injured person will simply have to provide their claim number to their treating GP, physiotherapist or pharmacist and the new program will allow an account to be sent directly to the TAC for processing and payment. The TAC is hopeful that processing will occur overnight. For straightforward matters a person at TAC will not need to approve the payment, it will be an automated system, save for claims that the system recognises as exceptional.

This technology should lead to greater access to medical treatment

In the past, many TAC claimants have faced refusal of treatment because of extensive delays health professionals have encountered in receiving payment from TAC. This new process will greatly assist people injured in transport accidents as they should have greater choice of finding appropriate treating doctors and rehabilitation professionals rather than having the stress of shopping around for a health professional who is willing to be involved in the TAC scheme. In the past, some clients have incurred the expense of paying independently or missed out on rehabilitation due to these factors.

Any new system is sure to have teething problems when it is first rolled out but the intention of the TAC is clearly to make the claims process easier. We hope this will reduce some of the stress for our TAC clients and their treating doctors in managing their claims.

How to access these new systems

Health care providers can now register with LanternPay and start getting paid faster and more efficiently, visit

For TAC clients we will advise when the myTAC app is available via the App Store, which is anticipated for early in July 2017.

For more complex cases, Ryan Carlisle Thomas is always available to help clients seeking compensation and legal advice.

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