Published: 17 November 2017
Author: Stringer Clark

The door is always open for locals at new Colac office

This week the Stringer Clark Colac office has moved to a more desirable nearby location at 32 Murray Street.

While many shops are left empty in small towns due to the current trend for businesses to grow their online presence and downsize or even cease operating from a shop, this is not so for our legal practice.

We are all witness to the surge of self-check out services at petrol stations and supermarkets, the bank branches closing as online banking becomes mainstream and the libraries and book stores suffering due to the popularity of Kindles and iBooks. These developments all reduce face to face communication which is not conducive to good legal service, which is why we still provide a place for clients to meet with us to obtain advice in relation to their personal injury claims.

The importance of a welcoming office in the law profession

The difference between a good and a great lawyer is often understanding of the nuances of human relationships, motivations and behaviours which are more difficult to detect via online interactions and are critical to the management of a client’s case.

More often than not we are helping clients manage a stressful and undesirable scenario. This often involves a deep understanding of the law and the relationships involved in each client scenario whereby we can best negotiate on their behalf.

In addition, as a law firm dedicated to regional Victoria, we understand that friendly human interactions is what people in the country value.

The role of technology in law

There is no question that technology can assist our clients greatly but it is not designed to replace the vital human connection required to represent a client. For example, our head office in Melbourne has represented more than 2000 clients in the Royal Commission against institutional abuse and our database has played a critical role in matching survivor stories which has strengthened their cases.

Personal injury clients particularly value face to face contact

Our personal injury clients may not be able to work which often leaves them at home and relying on online services, including home delivery services for groceries and other purchases.

With more and more services going online, there is the growing risk of isolation and people going for days without any contact with another human being. People who have suffered injury can often suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or from depression as a result of their injury. There is no doubt that isolation can further add to their psychological symptoms.

We believe we have the balance right in terms of utilising technology whilst maintaining face to face personalised service. We encourage anyone who has suffered an injury or illness and requires assistance with their TAC, WorkCover or total and permanent disablement claim to make an appointment with Stringer Clark.

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