Published: 29 March 2018
Author: Stringer Clark TAC Law team

With Easter nearly upon us, drivers are being urged to stay safe on the roads

The Easter holidays are a popular time to get away with friends and family. However, the increased traffic on the roads means an increased risk of accidents occurring, with holiday makers often finding themselves on unfamiliar roads and in unfamiliar driving conditions.

The TAC, along with Victoria Police and the SES are urging drivers to take every precaution to ensure they get to their destination and home again, safely.

The SES recently launched the annual “Driver Reviver” campaign, and along with slowing down and sticking to the speed limit, motorists are being urged to take regular breaks to help ensure they stay safe on the roads.

Avoid ‘drowsy driving’

It’s estimated that fatigue, including ‘drowsy driving’ is a contributing factor in between 16-20% of all road crashes in Victoria.

The TAC is supporting efforts by the SES and Victoria police in urging people to take a break when travelling, and to utilise the many Driver Reviver sites that will be spread across Victoria this weekend.

Helpfully, they’ve published a map showing all of the sites, which can be accessed via this link:

At the Driver Reviver sites, you’ll be able to get free coffee and bottled water. They’ll also be having sausage sizzles (the proceeds of which go to the SES).

Prepare before you head off

The TAC have also produced a “long road trip checklist” and we encourage those travelling on the roads this Easter to have a quick read (and most importantly, to take the time needed to ensure they’re adequately prepared);

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