Published: 12 July 2018
Author: Ryan Carlisle Thomas

Technology and compensation claims management

It has taken a while, but insurers and lawyers alike, are catching up with the times and making ground into moving work processes into the 21st century. Both the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Victoria’s five WorkCover insurers now offer mobile apps to submit information and claims to the applicable insurer electronically for processing.

What is ‘myTAC’?

myTAC enables those with eligible TAC claims to submit reimbursement forms, send enquiries and learn about what services can be accessed without having to call the TAC first.

Users can register on the app or the web portal using their TAC claim number and a few personal details, such as address, date of birth and/or their phone number. Once registered, those with eligible claims can:

  • Send an enquiry to the TAC directly without having to contact them by telephone;
  • Submit medical expenses and accounts for reimbursement;
  • Lodge Certificates of Capacity for payment of weekly benefits or loss of earning capacity benefits;
  • Submit any other documents relevant to your claim, including those which TAC has asked you to provide – these might include copies of tax returns or other financial documentation that they may require to calculate your pre-accident weekly earnings;
  • Find out what health services they may have access to without having to first contact TAC and seek approval; and
  • Update your personal details concerning your claim, such as change of address and/or telephone number(s).

WorkSafe’s ‘VicClaim’

WorkSafe’s Victorian Injury and Claim Support app, colloquially known as ‘VicClaim’, was originally released in June 2015. However and like all new models, there are sometimes bugs and teething issues. The removal of these issues gradually since then has transformed the app into a reliable platform for clients to:

  • Locate health service providers close by;
  • Contact those involved with their claim;
  • Inform clients as to the compensation claims process, and access information without having to spend time on hold with their WorkCover insurer;
  • Submit their WorkCover certificates of capacity to their WorkCover insurer;
  • Upload invoices for medical expenses directly to the WorkCover insurer for reimbursement; and
  • Submit requests for treatment from their treating health practitioners.

Wherever possible, we always advise clients to submit their information to insurers electronically or by email. This is because:

  • Documentation can be easily and often lost when sent by ordinary post (even information sent by us lawyers gets lost at the insurer’s end from time to time); and
  • When sent electronically, there is usually a way of proving that it has been sent. Unless you sent anything by registered post, there is otherwise no way of proving that it has been sent to (or received by, for that matter) the insurer(s).

Thankfully clients can now spend less time on the phone with their insurers and spend more time focused on getting better and getting on with their lives. Being in a situation where clients already cannot work and/or cannot afford the medical treatment they require is stressful enough without having to additionally deal with insurers, and these apps help the stress and hassle of the situation.

Having said that, if clients are not receiving benefits as expected, they should still be contacting their insurer to make sure that the payments are being made. If insurers are delaying (for whatever reason) in making payments, you should seek advice.

The relevant apps can be downloaded from the following sources

myTAC (iOS)
myTAC (Android)
VicClaim (iOS)
VicClaim (Android)

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