Published: 02 July 2018
Author: Stringer Clark TAC Law team

The TAC can help you in more ways than you might realise

In previous blogs, we’ve detailed the TAC scheme and how it can help you if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

But many people are surprised to learn of some of the specific items that the TAC can pay for.

Support around the home

If you need assistance taking care of your home and/or garden after you’ve been injured in an accident, the TAC can pay for home support services if there’s nobody else who can help out.

They can pay for home support services if recommended by your treating health practitioner and if the tasks were ones that you normally did before you were injured. These include gardening, cleaning, childcare, and help with tasks related to everyday living. Generally speaking, they’ll pay up to 40 hours per week in total, which can include a mix of relevant services.

Attendant care

If, following an accident, you require support and assistance with things like moving, dressing and self care, or daily tasks like shopping or banking, the TAC can help if your doctor suggests it may be of assistance.

This can include daytime or overnight support, depending upon what might be required.

Education Support

The TAC can pay for education support services to help you get to the education level you were likely to have achieved, but for the accident.

Travel Expenses

Should you need treatment after an accident, the TAC can pay your travel costs to ensure you get necessary treatment.
If you’re hospitalised, family members who live more than 100km away can have their travel and accommodation bills paid for whilst they visit you.

Assisted living accommodation

If, as a consequence of an accident, a person has disabilities which make it difficult to live independently, the TAC can pay for assisted living accommodation. This includes supported resential services, group homes, and residental aged care facilities.

If you have support at home, the TAC can also pay for respite care – that is, short term stays in assisted accommodation.

Home and vehicle modifications

If you need alterations to your home to maintain your independence and/or safety following an accident, the TAC may be able to assist. For example, you may need a hand rail or a ramp to your door. Or you might need more significant modifications to your home. Typically, if requested, the TAC will arrange a meeting at your home with an occupational therapist to determine what might be needed.

Similarly, if your injuries make it difficult for you to drive your vehicle, the TAC can pay for modifications to your vehicle. On occasion, they can also pay an amount towards the cost of buying a vehicle, if your current one is no longer suitable.

If you’re not sure whether the TAC will cover the cost of a particular item or service, discuss the matter with your treating doctor, and either ask the TAC directly whether they’ll fund it, or bring it to the attention of your legal representative.

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