Published: 29 July 2020
Author: Stringer Clark

Four Corners investigation highlights need for injured workers to seek legal advice

We have received enquiries from injured workers since Four Corners ran a story in relation to workers compensation claims earlier this week. The Four Corners investigation with the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald has uncovered the tactics sometimes used by some insurers to kick people off the WorkCover scheme as highlighted in this radio summary.

While the program focused largely on icare and NSW, it highlighted the hardship of the WorkCover process for Australians already suffering from injury. Revelations included mismanagement of workers compensation schemes run in NSW and Victoria and highlighted the problems inherent in relying on private insurers in assessing workplace injury claims and entitlements.

Injured clients work closely with RCT and Stringer Clark lawyers

As a law firm with an Injury Law practice, we continue to emphasise the importance of seeking legal counsel when navigating WorkCover claims as the space is complex.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer are explained by one of our recent clients, Tracy. Tracy’s story is a common one. Her injury was acquired over a period of time until one day she was no longer able to continue to work in her full time job. She asked RCT Law to help with her WorkCover claim and medical expenses.

Tracy talks about her work injury experience (opens RCT website)

Hiring a WorkCover lawyer makes financial sense and provides peace of mind

RCT Law and Stringer Clark urge injured workers to seek independent legal advice when having their WorkCover claims assessed by WorkSafe Victoria.

If you are thinking of appealing a WorkSafe insurer’s decision on your entitlements, the following articles and video resources are designed to inform and assist injured Australians prior to hiring a lawyer.

More articles about about WorkCover claims

Disputing a WorkCover decision How do I dispute a decision by WorkCover to deny my entitlements? (opens RCT website) What to do when you disagree with a decision made by the WorkCover insurer New Workers Compensation dispute resolution body announced Victorian Government to review WorkSafe disputation process (opens RCT website)

Short videos discussing WorkCover claims

Injured? Why it's critical to get legal advice (opens RCT website) What do I need to know about the WorkCover system and entitlements? (opens RCT website)

Our experienced WorkCover lawyers can help injured workers understand their rights and help them secure critical medical support and financial compensation.

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