No Win No Fee OR Expenses*

The objective of our policy is to never leave you out of pocket in the unlikely ever that your personal injury case is unsuccessful and you recover no compensation for your injury.

Not all 'No Win No Fee' policies are the same. While all 'No Win No Fee' policies should cover you for the legal fees charged by a law firm if your case is not successful, ours goes one important step further.

We also cover you for any expenses or disbursements that we incur, such as medical report and court fees. These can amount to thousands of dollars. Not all other firms do.

We pledge never to leave you, our client, out of pocket in the unlikely event that your action is not successful.

How it works

Under our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy on fees and out of pocket expenses, we will waive our fees if you don’t win a case that we have agreed to fund, and pick up the tab on your out of pocket expenses.

Out of pocket expenses here are counted as medical reports, court fees and many other expenses that other firms would typically require you to pay in the event the case is lost.

If we don't think you have a reasonable chance of winning, we'll advise you not to proceed.

We will always provide you with a complete written explanation of all of our fees, for your agreement, before we act on your behalf.

If you have a concern about your legal fees, just ask us. We'll be honest with you about your chances because we're on your side.

*Exclusions: Please note that the No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy only applies to personal injury cases and not to Family and Relationship Law, Employment Law or other types of legal services which are not injury related.

Free consultation on any legal matter

We offer a free initial consultation on any legal matter, the length of which may vary depending on the type of legal issue you have.

Any fees that may be charged will be discussed during your initial consultation and agreed with you prior to us taking action on your behalf.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

As GST applies to legal costs and disbursements, Strnger Clark includes GST in all discussions about the fees you may incur.  GST on our services and disbursements is calculated at the rate of 10%.

You will be advised in writing of the legal costs and disbursements that may be charged in accordance with the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014

If you have any queries in relation to our fees/disbursement policy and how it applies to you, please ask your lawyer.

Call 1800 641 743 or find us at an office near you to arrange a free initial consultation.

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