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How WorkCover and Workers Compensation Works

Your claim, medical expenses and income WorkCover covers all injuries which occur at work, or on the way to and from work if it’s an authorised recess like a lunch break. It’s your first call for immediate medical bills expenses and income support. There is paperwork to fill in and a medical or doctor’s certificate […]

Injuries covered by TAC compensation

Brain damage and head injury Brain damage, otherwise known as traumatic brain injury (TBI) is all too common in road accidents which can have a series of complex symptoms which can have terrible impacts on people’s lives, and may eventually even result in death. It is also a type of injury which unfortunately is commonly […]

Compensation Options in TAC Claims

No-fault benefits for road accident victims There is a standard set of benefits which are paid by the TAC which are called ‘No-Fault’ benefits because the injured person does not have to prove liability. They cover most medical expenses and may even include a relatively small lump sum payment if you have suffered a permanent […]

Vehicle Accidents in Victoria

Car and Truck Accidents With the increasing number of larger transport vehicles on the road, so too do the number of accidents occurring between cars and trucks. Car and truck accidents are really tough situations where vehicles collide, leading to serious consequences for everyone involved. Speeding, not paying full attention and driving under the influence […]

Probate and Estate Administration

Letters of Administration – what if there is no Will? If you die without a Will, or a valid Will, your closest next of kin can apply for Letters of Administration to administer your Estate, in the following order: lawful spouse or partner children, excluding step-children, but including adoptive children grandchildren parents brothers or sisters […]

Power of Attorney

Guardianship disputes When someone loses their capacity to make decisions, a dispute can arise as to who should have that decision-making power on their behalf. You may also be concerned that someone is misusing a power of attorney for financial advantage. It is possible to sue someone for breach of their duties and obligations under […]

Other Types of Insurance Claims

Mortgage Protection: Your Shield in Challenging Times When health issues or injuries make it difficult to work and meet mortgage payments, you might find solace in your mortgage protection insurance. Many are unaware that this insurance is often embedded in banking or financial products. Typically secured at the outset of your mortgage agreement, mortgage protection […]