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Doris Kunfunda

Law Clerk

Wills & Probate

Doris Kunfunda, a seasoned Law Clerk with a specialisation in Wills & Probate, has an impressive 30-year career marked by versatility and unwavering dedication. Her professional journey began in the early nineties, and she has showcased remarkable loyalty through her continuous service, initially with Robert Clements and subsequently with Ryan Carlisle Thomas after their merger in 2010. Over this extended period, Doris has accumulated extensive expertise across a range of legal domains. She navigated through Conveyancing and Property Law, delved into the intricacies of Commercial Law and tackled Employment Law issues before finding her true calling in Wills & Probate and deceased Estate litigation, where her skills and dedication shine.

Beyond her legal career, Doris is a well-rounded individual with a zest for life. She finds joy in exploring the world through travel, which aligns with her adventurous spirit. Her culinary talents are evident in her passion for cooking, and she enjoys experimenting with different cuisines. Her multicultural perspective is enhanced by her proficiency in speaking Maltese, which adds a unique dimension to her personal and professional life. Doris’s commitment to excellence, extensive legal experience, and multifaceted interests make her an invaluable asset to the Ryan Carlisle Thomas team.

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