Published: 05 September 2018
Author: Stringer Clark TAC Law team

MyTAC and LanternPay

In recent times, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has taken a couple of significant digital steps forward, aimed at making things easier for injured people and for those that provide treatment and services to them.

TAC technology for injured people

The TAC has produced an app that is specifically designed for people who have been injured in transport accidents.

if you’ve been injured in a transport accident, you’re able to download the “myTAC” app via smartphone or computer during the life of your TAC claim.

The app allows people to fill in TAC forms and to lodge documents such as medical certificates and treatment receipts.
People are also able to send messages to the TAC, and the TAC is able to send messages to their clients – thus making it easier for both parties to communicate with one another.

Importantly, it also educates people about what services they can access, without having to spend time on the phone calling the TAC. This is really helpful, as it’s not uncommon for clients to be unsure about what they can and can’t claim.

Visit myTAC app for further information.

Easier processing for providers

The TAC has recently introduced a paperless invoicing system called LanternPay. It aims to provide a simple way for providers to get paid quickly and efficiently when they treat TAC clients, and to shift from paper-based transactions to digital ones.

The system allows a provider that is registered with LanternPay to submit an online request to the TAC for payment of services immediately on providing them.

Providers are able to view payment decisions immediately, and according to the TAC, they will receive approved payments the next business day.

The goal is to save providers time and resources, making it easier to send invoices and follow up with the TAC concerning payment of an account and to resolve billing issues.

Eligible services include (but aren’t limited to): physiotherapy and chiropractic services, pharmacy expenses, home services such as lawn mowing and cleaning, general practitioner and specialist treatment, mental health services and equipment expenses (under $1000), TAC requested report, vocational rehabilitation services and interpreting services.

If you’re a provider and interested in learning more, visit LanternPay.

These two improvements go a long way to addressing the problems and frustrations associated with submitting documents and medical expenses for payment.

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