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If you are employed on a farm, that farm is your workplace and you're covered for injury compensation under WorkCover.

Farms are one of the most dangerous workplaces in Victoria, accounting for about one third of injuries in Victoria.

The misuse of tractors, quad bikes, chain and bench saws, harvesters, generators and earth-moving equipment are all typical causes of these deaths and injuries.

Farm managers have a responsibility to train their workers thoroughly in the use of all farming equipment and operating procedures, and to keep equipment in good repair. Employers must all make sure employees wear and use the right protective equipment. It's not enough to simply issue a manual. Training requires that the procedures be explained and adhered to.

Of course, in order to claim compensation under WorkCover for your injury, you must be an employee or member of staff.

If you've been injured and are unsure about whether or not you may be covered and have a claim to compensation, please contact an injury lawyer in one of our local offices.

All injuries, accidents and incidents that occur in the workplace should be recorded and, in some cases, also immediately reported to WorkCover.

These records should be part of a farm's health and safety risk management procedure.

All injuries and accidents must be registered

Injuries, accidents and incidents can be recorded on an Accident and Incident Register. Near misses should also be recorded. Use the hazard/near-miss report template to record these.

Everyone on the farm should have access to these documents, know where they are kept and how and when to fill them in.

Four important steps to follow if you're injured in a farm accident

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