Injuries on public and private property

If you're injured in any public place or on private property, it is likely you will be entitled to claim some form of compensation.

These are typical types of accidents that happen:

  • Roads and footpaths – falls and trips that result from badly made or repaired paths may cause injuries. Road authorities, whether they be local councils or Vic Roads, have a responsibility to keep surfaces in good repair.
  • Visiting a business – owners are responsible for the safety of people on their property. If they are negligent, they may be sued.
  • Shopping centres – losing your footing on a slippery supermarket floor and injuring yourself in a fall is a typical type of shopping centre injury.
  • At school – children are entitled to proper supervision, including protection from bullying.
  • Sporting accidents – of course injuries do occur in contact sport, but remember that if an accident is sustained as a result of the poor state of the ground or facilities, then compensation may be claimed. Authorities are required to keep these facilities well maintained.
  • Play equipment – Councils, schools and kindergartens must ensure that their facilities are safe.
  • Dog attacks – are more common than they should be. Owners are immediately liable if you're attacked and the attack occurs away from the owner's property.

What should I do if I'm injured?

  • Report the incident to the person you think is responsible – immediately.
  • Ask witnesses for their names and addresses.
  • See a doctor for medical treatment and explain how the injury happened.
  • Go back to the scene of the incident and take photos of the area, noting the date the photos were taken.
  • Call us!

Remember: If you are contacted by an insurance company regarding the incident, contact us immediately!

Call 1800 641 743 or find us at an office near you for advice on injuries in public.

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