Compensation for Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse in Regional Victoria

If you have been sexually abused as a child or young person, you should ask us about justice and compensation.

We are part of Victoria’s largest and most respected sexual abuse legal practice, Ryan Carlisle Thomas (RCT Law), who are leaders in bringing claims against perpetrators and institutions.

Why choose us?

We are the largest

We’re the largest sexual abuse legal practice in Victoria with more than 2,500 clients nationally. We’ve won millions of dollars in compensation for survivors.

Access to our own data records

Our experience enables us to data mine for known and alleged perpetrators according to region, time and institutions where abuse has occurred, making it easier to successfully collect evidence and pursue cases.

Pioneers in sexual abuse law

We are leaders in sexual abuse mediation and have pioneered protocol with the Victorian Government for the settlement of compensation claims outside of the court system.

Typical areas of abuse in regional Victoria

Schools - Claims against private and government schools for the sexual and physical abuse of children.

Clergy - Claims against religious organisations and clergy, including orphanages and homes.

Wards - Prosecutions on behalf of Wards of the State.

Have you witnessed abuse at any of these institutions?

  • Ballarat Orphanage/Ballarat Children’s Home
  • St Alipius Primary School Ballarat East
  • St Aiden’s
  • St Patrick’s College Ballarat
  • St Patrick’s College Sale
  • Geelong Grammar School
  • Geelong College
  • Other institutions in Western Victoria

Our legal team would like to hear from you.

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Is the National Redress Scheme right for you?

The National Redress Scheme is certainly one of the most popular ways in which survivors of abuse can seek financial redress. The Scheme offers a less complex process for obtaining a level of financial payment and help, but it is also bureaucratic, slow, rejects claims for physical abuse, and importantly, is capped at a maximum payout level of $150,000 - although the average redress payment is only around $70,000.

Civil litigation claims outside of the National Redress Scheme can extend from $200,000 to $500,000 and more.

Understand and know your options

There are many potential legal pathways open to survivors of abuse.

These include:

  • Common Law claims
  • Redress Applications
  • Negotiated settlement via a protocol with the Victorian Government
  • Victims of Crime Applications; or
  • Sentencing Act Applications.

One of our sexual abuse lawyers can advise you of your options and your rights, and help you choose the path that is best for you.

What you need to know before claiming under the National Redress Scheme

It is important for survivors to understand what compensation may be available to them under the new National Redress Scheme, and how making a claim under the scheme differs to other options for compensation.

We respect your privacy

We never disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent. This applies even if we act for your family members or other people you know.

Making an enquiry: Private and confidential

We understand that contacting us for the first time can be a huge step. Did you know that on average it takes nearly 24 years for someone to disclose the abuse they have suffered? For some survivors, the first call they make to us is the first time they have ever disclosed their abuse.

Although many abuse survivors come to us years after the alleged abuse, it is still possible to take action.

Some of our recent blogs about abuse in regional Victoria

Our firm provides clear advice and fights to just compensation for these people seeking not just money but acknowledgement and apologies.

If you have been a victim of abuse or any other crime, or know of someone who has, please call us on 1800 641 743 or find us at an office near you.

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