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Interview: Kitty talks about her car accident

Here is Kitty's story. She is a mum who suffered a car accident leaving her having to cope with pain, medical expenses, and surveillance by the TAC. This is a revealing and emotional personal account of how a fight for car injury compensation can unfold, and how you may have to deal with the TAC.

This type of surveillance is common where the TAC suspects that you may be trying to exaggerate your injury. This is just one example of how it can be difficult in wrestling compensation out of the commission. It helps to keep in mind that the TAC is essentially a large insurance company, so it is in their interest to minimise payments.

Interview: Barb talks about her workplace injury

Barb, a nurse, sustained an injury while lifting a heavy patient – accidentally twisting her knee while trying to protect her back. In this interview she discusses her experiences while trying to claim workers compensation for the injury.


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