Published: 27 June 2018
Author: Stringer Clark WorkCover Law team

Who lodges a WorkCover claim?

We see people on a regular basis who are unsure whether a WorkCover claim has been lodged or think that a claim has been lodged when it hasn’t. Here are some quick rules to help you out when you’ve been injured at work but are unsure about making a claim.

You need to have signed a claim form to make a claim

Here’s a really simple rule. If you haven’t signed a claim form (pictured below) then you haven’t made a claim. A WorkCover claim form has a blue front cover and two interior pages that need to be completed and signed by you. If you are unsure where to get a claim form or what to write in it, we can help.

Worker's injury Claim Form

A WorkCover certificate is not a “claim”

People often mistakenly believe that because their doctor has provided them with a WorkCover certificate that they have a WorkCover claim. If you submit a WorkCover certificate without having lodged a claim first, you are not going to get very far. Securing a WorkCover certificate is an important step, but it’s only one part of a two-step process.

Medical certificates aren’t WorkCover certificates

It’s important you know the difference between a standard medical certificate and a WorkCover certificate of capacity. The first page of a WorkCover certificate looks like this: 

Certificate of Capacity form

If you don’t get a WorkCover certificate, the insurer managing the claim will not have an obligation to pay you.

Your medical bills or wages being paid doesn’t mean that you have an accepted claim

Employers are entitled to pay medical expenses whether or not a claim is accepted. They could also be paying your wages even though you haven’t lodged a claim. You need to keep this in mind, as you may assume you have made a claim, but in reality, you haven’t.

The team at Stringer Clark can also assist in lodging a claim on your behalf or checking with WorkCover whether your claim has been lodged or accepted.

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